It is with great pride that we welcome you to Lenox Elementary School's web page.  At Lenox School, we are proud of our students, teachers and staff. Our school is a learning community that seeks success for each student as we promote our school wide behavioral initiative that stresses the values of: Safety First, On Task, Respect and Responsibility. We believe that children should want to come to school each day ready to learn in a safe and supportive school atmosphere. We set high expectations and create an environment where academic excellence is the focus for all of our students. Students are at the core of our educational program and meeting the needs of all students while instilling a lifelong love of learning is our goal at Lenox School. Toward that end, we recognize and value the importance of parental support and the part parents play in a successful school experience for our students. Thank you for visiting Lenox School's home page.

Michael McCarthy, Principal